MST Series Microinverters

Our smartest microinverter yet.

Our newest MST Microinverters are very easy to install devices. Butt the terminal to complete the installation.


Full family of microinverters for DC modules up to 550 W.

Eliminates battery sizing restrictions.

Our proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) enables the microinverter to operate in grid-tied or off-grid modes.

It shines, even when it rains

MST Microinverters are NEMA 6 certified and are recommended by FEMA, meaning they can endure just about anything Mother Nature sends their way.


The brains of the system, now even brainier.

Our pioneering Trevni MST Microinverter performs a seemingly impossible feat with brilliant simplicity.It transforms photons, quantum particles of light, into safe AC power you can use to power your home. With an Trevni Energy System, every solar panel is equipped with its own microinverter, so if one panel slips into the shade or experiences a rare glitch, the other panels keep generating power.

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Why Are Microinverters Better?

When the sun sets, it shines.

Microinverters capture all the available electricity from each individual solar panel, convert it onsite to AC, and then send it along to your fuse box and electric grid. This makes your solar panel system more efficient.

The future is looking up.
Make, use, save, and sell your own clean energy